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To my loved ones, known and unknown.


As everything, for him, was an article of faith, nothing, to his mind, was difficult to understand: the Great Flood had covered the entire world; before, men had the misfortune of living a thousand years; God conversed with them; Noah had taken one hundred years to build the ark; while the earth, suspended in air, stood firmly at the center of the universe that God had created out of nothingness. When I said to him, and proved to him, that the existence of nothingness was absurd, he cut me short, calling me silly.
—Giocomo Casanova


Table of Contents

Part One — What Is Important?
Chapter 1 — Three Levels of Love
Chapter 2 — Attraction (+)
Chapter 3 — Submission (−)
Chapter 4 — Connection (=)

Part Two — How Is Reality?
Chapter 5 — Three Aspects of Love
Chapter 6 — Physical (∞)
Chapter 7 — Mental (Ø)
Chapter 8 — Transcendental (1)

Part Three — Why Is Everything?
Chapter 9 — Three Respects of Love
Chapter 10 — The Absolute (↑)
Chapter 11 — The Relative (∂)
Chapter 12 — The Whole (∆)
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